General Rules and Information
  • Please do not enter the dance room or distract dancers while class is in session. The curtains can be pulled in front of the viewing windows if necessary due to distraction.

  • Children should not be left alone at the studio without supervision before or after classes. We ask that Parents/Guardians remain during the class if their child is unable to use the restroom without help.

  • Please be respectful of other dancers, parents/guardians, and staff at all times.  Anything to the contrary will not be tolerated, and you may be asked to leave.

  • Students are allowed to have water bottles in the dance rooms with the understanding that they will be left on the side of the room against the wall. Absolutely no food or other drinks allowed in dance rooms.

  • Classes run from September through the date of the recital. We do offer summer dance camps separately.

  • We follow the Clinton Public School System for school vacations and most holidays (Note: We do not take off every Monday holiday due to the high amount of Monday holidays. Please refer to the waiver on the parent portal, bulletin board on this website, or the studio closing for the current season). 

  • In case of snow or bad weather, please call the studio, or check this website or our Facebook page: Nashoba Valley Movement. We DO NOT necessarily cancel classes when Clinton Public Schools have snow days or early releases.

  • It is the sole discretion of the faculty to place students into classes based on their interests, ability, and attitude. This also applies to solos, duos, trios, and company classes.


Registration Fee (annual)
  • $20 per student or $35 per family with 2+ students. Fee does not apply to adult drop in classes.

  • We do not prorate tuition after the student has started. Tuition is based on an annual amount of 35 classes from mid-September through mid-June, and thus we do not pro-rate for the last month of classes, vacations, or holidays that NVM closes for (refer to bulletin board for list of NVM closing dates). We also do not pro-rate for absences due to illness or weather closures. See makeup policy below.

  • Students are allowed 4 free makeup classes to remedy absences due to illness and weather closures, and are allowed to take these 4 classes between September and February even if the child does not have any absences. Makeup classes will not be allowed after February. Please email us at least 2 days in advance to schedule a makeup class to ensure there is enough space. 

  • Monthly tuition will be posted on the 1st of each month. We allow a 10 day grace period, and any payments not received by the 10th will incur a late fee.

  • If payment is not received on time, a $10 late fee will be applied to account balances for each month overdue. If account balances become more than 1 month past due, the student will be asked to observe the class and will not be allowed to participate.

  •  A $25 charge will be applied to account balances for returned checks.

  • A family discount will be applied as follows: student with highest number of classes will pay full price, each student after that in the same household will receive 10% discount for each class.

  • Scholarships are available for students who show a passion for both dance and academics. Please look for information regarding scholarships on the bulletin board or talk to Director Ashley Driscoll.

Costume Fee
  • Dance Classes

    • Classes ages 2, 3-5 and 4-6: $65 per class

    • Classes ages 6 and up: $75 per class 

All dance costume fees are due by November 1, and cannot be refunded after December 1.

Payment Application
  • Payments received will apply toward the oldest charges on the account balance. For instance, if a payment is received for a costume, but monthly tuition is overdue, the payment will be applied to the monthly tuition first. This also applies to studio events such as outings to see the Nutcracker, competition fees if applicable etc.


Dance Attire
  • Hair must be pulled back in pony-tail or bun

  • All classes apart from ballet- non-baggy athletic clothing, no jeans or other non-athletic clothing.

  • Ballet- leotard and tights

  • Dance Shoes (more specific details can be found in the class descriptions on the dance studio pro registration software)

    • All Competition teams- consult with instructor

    • Ballet- pink ballet shoes

    • Tap- black patent leather tap shoes with buckle (ages 6 and under and level 1 tap), levels 2 & 3 consult instructor

    • Jazz/Contemporary - start barefoot and consult with instructor if shoes are necessary

    • Hip Hop - new or extremely clean sneakers to start, students will likely need black sneakers for recital

    • Acrobat - barefoot

  • Absolutely no gum, street shoes, or dangling jewelry allowed in class please!


  • Lockers are available for rent for $10 for the year as available.  We provide the combination locks to go with the lockers. Please note that Nashoba Valley Movement is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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