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Closing Dates



11/22/22 - 11/27/22

Thanksgiving Break

12/24/22 - 1/1/23

Christmas Break


Martin Luther King Day

2/20/23 - 2/25/23

February Vacation

4/17/23 - 4/23/23

April Vacation


Memorial Day

Classes begin Monday 9/12/22. There are a total of 35 classes in the season for all class days. The last week of classes is the week ending 6/10/23 for all class days except Mondays AND Saturdays. The week of 6/12/23-6-/16/23 is considered our tech week and each class will have a dress rehearsal scheduled at Nashoba High School that week. In order to meet the 35 class minimum, Monday classes will have 2 additional classes scheduled the week of 6/12/23 -6/16/23 and Saturday classes will have one additional class scheduled that week at the studio. The  dates for additional classes will be finalized as we solidify the dress rehearsal schedules in the spring.

(Note we do not pro-rate tuition for studio closings. The studio schedule is based on 35 classes in the season. We do offer 4 free makeup classes per student to be used for student absences due to illness, weather closures, etc that can be taken for free regardless if your student incurs any absences due to these reasons. Makeup classes should be scheduled between September and February only! Please email to schedule a makeup class at least 2 days in advance.)

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