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Competition Team Makeup

Comp Team Stage Makeup

FIRST please remember all nail polish should be removed unless it is a french manicure or nude/pale pink. Also all jewelry should be removed unless the student is wearing competition earrings.

  1. Wash your face and use a face moisturizer. This is optional, but it helps protect your skin and helps make the makeup last longer.

  1. Primer

This is also an optional step. Using a primer keeps your makeup looking fresh longer and prevents smudging. It also helps ensure an even application of makeup. I recommend a hydrating primer as opposed to a mattifying primer.

e.l.f. ($10)

ESSENCE ($4.99)

  1. Foundation

It works best to use a foundation that is a relative match for your skin tone. Cream foundations often last longer than powder and may be easier to make it look even.You can use a sponge or foundation brush for application of foundation. If you use a sponge, dab it into the cream and use the same technique to apply it to your face, making sure it is evenly spread across the face and neck.Take extra care at the hairline to blend it in evenly. The same goes for blending foundation from the jawline to the neck. Choose a color that matches your skin tone. If you’re in between two shades, it’s better to go darker for stage makeup!

Recommended Brands:

Clinique, Neutrogena, Maybelline, Covergirl, L’Oreal

  1. Contour/Highlight

Contouring and highlighting is an optional step. This helps prevent looking washed out on stage. You can add contour by using a cream or powder that is a few shades darker than your skin tone. You can highlight by using a cream or powder that is a shade that is lighter than your skin tone. Please see the diagram showing where you should highlight and contour. I would recommend watching a YouTube video on highlighting and contouring.

Here are some contour palettes I recommend:

Wet n Wild Contour Stick ($6.49)

Makeup Revolution Contour Palette ($10)

Wet n Wild Contour Palette ($6.49)

  1. Blush

Add blush to your cheekbones. The shade we’ve used in the past is “plumberry glow” #140 from Covergirl Cheekers. You can keep using this if you have it, but this shade has been discontinued so we’re changing it to “peach gilt” #109” Covergirl cheekers.

You can purchase this shade here.

  1. Eye shadow

In the past we have used Covergirl Eye Enhancers #282 “daring nudes” but this shade has been discontinued. Keep this if you have it or please get something similar with a light shade, almost white, a neutral/light brown, a dark brown, and a deep brown that’s almost black.

Start by applying the lightest shade as a base color to your eyelid. Use a darker shade towards the middle of the eye starting in the crease and use the darkest shade on the outside of your eyelid.

Here are some eyeshadow palettes that will work:

Maybelline Palette ($8)

MORPHE Palette ($12)

ColourPop Palette ($14)

  1. Eyeliner

I suggest using a liquid eyeliner as it is less likely to smudge than pencil, however you can use whichever you prefer as long as it is black. All students (including Diamond) apply a thin line over the top of your eyelid with a small wing on the side. Instructors and older students can also help with this step if you are struggling! Sapphire girls and older should also apply a line to the lower lid (without a wing) either with liquid or pencil.

Liquid Eyeliner ($8.99)

Eyeliner Pencil ($8.49)

  1. Mascara

All students should apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes even if using fake eyelashes. Any black mascara will work for this!

  1. Eyebrows

This is an optional step but recommended for students with lighter eyebrows. Use a shade of brown similar to the natural color of your eyebrows and define them by adding color and shape. You can buy an eyebrow pencil or you can use powder and a brush.

Ulta Eyebrow Pencil ($10)

Ulta Brow Powder ($10)

  1. Lipstick

We are adding a NEW shade of lipstick this year for our group contemporary, hip hop, and tap dances. The shade is “Plum Paradise” #425 Maybelline. All Other classes will continue to use the cover girl “succulent cherry” #295 red. Solos/duos/trios please consult with instructor on which one to use.

Plum Paradise- Amazon #425

Succulent Cherry- Amazon #295

  1. Setting powder/spray

Powder your entire face thoroughly. It will 'set' your makeup and provide a more naturalistic finish. Reapply powder as needed throughout the day to keep your makeup looking fresh. You can also use a setting spray.

Ulta Setting Powder ($9)

NYX Setting Spray ($4)

  1. False Eyelashes (Sapphire level and up)

Some people apply these last and some people prefer to apply them before eyeshadow. Either way works. If you apply them last, make sure your eyeliner is thick enough and visible, even with the lashes on.

You can use any false eyelashes that work good for you, but I recommend the brand Ardell. Natural looking ones work best. It’s important to use glue even if the lashes already have an adhesive. The glue is much more effective to keep them in place and last all day. I recommend the brand DUO for eyelash glue. You can trim the ends of the lashes if they are too long for your eye. Once you apply the glue, let it dry for about 30 seconds before applying the lashes. There are plenty of older dancers and dance moms who are pros at applying lashes if you need help with this! Diamond girls do not need these this year.

Ardell Natural Lashes 5 Pack ($12.99)

Eyelash Glue ($6.49)

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