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2021/2022 Competition Team Agreement

2021/2022 NVM Competition Team Agreement

  1. Commitment/Attendance:

  2. Commitment to the team is of utmost importance. Competition students are held to a higher standard than recreational students. Unlike sports, if someone doesn’t show up to a practice right before the game, we can’t just bench them in a group number.

  3. In order to grow, consistent attendance is required. During competition season (February to May), no more than 3 absences will be allowed, and no absences back to back (unless in extreme cases such as illness (with doctors note), family grievances, etc). It is also mandatory for students to attend classes the week of competitions. If a student is under the weather (but cleared from a doctor and not contagious) or injured, they should still come and watch the class and it would not count against their absences. It will be handled on a case by case basis if a student has more than 3 absences during the competition season. Consequences may include not being able to perform a solo at the next competition or recital (even if it’s already been paid for, no refunds), potentially being pulled from the team, or paying for private lessons to catch up.

  4. Just because we specify competition season above, does not mean students can skip multiple classes during other parts of the season. Excessive absences during other parts of the year will be handled at instructor's discretion.

  5. Competition Fees are non-refundable if a student decides to leave the team mid-season. If a student is injured mid-season, group competition entry fees are generally non-refundable once submitted. Solo/Duo/Trio entry fees may be refundable depending on the competition rules. Most competitions are giving refunds specifically for Covid-19 purposes if a student has to miss a competition due to quarantining.

  6. Snow days are bound to happen during competition season. If needed, a makeup class will likely be scheduled immediately after on a weekend, and we expect everyone to do their best in attending the makeup class.

  7. Sportsmanship/Conduct

  8. Poor sportsmanship or conduct at the studio or during competitions will not be tolerated (this includes parents as well as children). Consequences can include not being able to perform a solo at competition or recital (even if it was already paid for, no refunds), or being pulled from the team.

  9. At competitions, all students and parents are representing NVM, and you must keep in mind that we are being judged on our behavior and sportsmanship the moment we walk into a competition by staff and judges. If a judge sees one NVM student acting poorly, it will reflect badly on the entire studio. Students and parents alike must maintain appropriate conduct at all times.

  10. When onstage at awards, students are expected to clap for all other studios and students, and when accepting awards, wear a smile and say thank you regardless of where you place or how your score. IT IS NEVER OKAY TO BAD MOUTH A COMPETITION OR A JUDGE BECAUSE YOU ARE UPSET WITH HOW YOU SCORED. This detracts from the team experience. Sometimes it can be difficult when we have soloists who are technically competing in the same category and are eligible for the same high scores, but we must remember we are ultimately a team working together, and students must remain happy for other students' successes.

  11. Respect to teachers/staff

  12. Students must always respect the instructor, especially a guest teacher who may be subbing in. Keep in mind that subs may not know the exact flow of a class, and may have their own set of rules that need to be respected by all students.

  13. Instructors have authority over classes. Any concerns with an instructor or staff member must be addressed with that instructor after class and must be followed up with Ashley.

  14. Requirement of ballet

  15. All competition students (except those specifically competing in tap or hip hop only) are required to take ballet to improve technique and performance quality. Female students must wear a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes to ballet class every week, and hair should be pulled back in a bun. Male students should wear form fitting clothes, ballet shoes, and hair should be pulled back.

  16. In the Classroom

  17. Students should be dressed in dance appropriate attire (nothing baggy, teachers need to be able to see dancers form), and hair MUST BE pulled back and out of face in ponytail, braids, or bun. Studio will not provide hair ties.

  18. Punctuality is an absolute must!!! Please arrive a few minutes early so that students are ready to walk into class dressed and ready to go when class starts. Excessive tardiness will not be allowed, and may result in counting as an absence.

  19. Physical Appearance

  20. Female students should plan to have hair long enough to put into a high pony/bun for competition season.

  21. Students should plan to have natural colored hair for competition season.

  22. Students should plan to remove body piercings and jewelry for competitions.

  23. Students should plan to have no nail polish or neutral nail polish (french manicure, nude) for competitions.

  24. Students should plan to cover any tattoos with makeup for competitions.

  25. Tentative Competition Dates:

  26. April 8-10: Starbound (Sturbridge) or Turn it Up (Lowell)

  27. April 28-May 1: World Class Talent (Worcester) or Bravo (Lowell)

  28. May 13-15: EDC (Sturbridge) or Turn it Up (Bellingham)

These are the tentative competition dates and possible competitions. If any changes need to be made to the competition dates, an email will be sent out this fall with a new competition date. Competitions listed are mandatory for all competition members; HOWEVER, we may determine in early winter that not all dances will participate in each competition if they are not ready.

  1. Competition Team costs

  2. Tuition- the competition program follows the same tuition schedule as our recreational program.

  3. Competition entry fees- Competition fees vary per competition but generally for group dances range in the $55-65 area per student per dance. Solos/duos/trios are usually more- Duos/Trios generally $75-85, and solos $140-$160 (these are based off of last season).

  4. Costumes/tights/shoes- We try our best to save you money on costumes by looking for onsale costumes and in some cases “less glamorous” costumes (as this is the style for more contemporary dances anyways). Therefore, you may not be charged the standard recreational costume fee for each class. Tights and shoes (tap, ballet and jazz) are not included in the tuition or costume prices and must be purchased separately. Tap and jazz shoes usually range around the $30-60, and will be discussed separately in each class if they are required and where to get them. Any type of ballet shoes can be worn since we will not be competing in ballet and thus everyone does not need the same style.

  5. Makeup- we use the same makeup palettes as the recreational dance program, with a few extra elements (such as bronzer, highlighter, setting spray) but Sapphire, Amethyst, and Emerald comp teams also wear false eyelashes so that students have a more consistent look. Please keep in mind, we do not enjoy putting kids in so much makeup, but it is important for judges and the audience to be able to see the expressions on their face while they are dancing, and that’s what makeup does. Unfortunately students are not only judged on their dancing abilities but their appearance and costuming. We will hold a makeup and hair tutorial for new competition students sometime after the holidays, and new students are required to attend (date tbd)

  6. Other- We try to be as transparent as possible about the costs of joining the competition team. Additional/optional expenses may include dance team jackets ($65-75), costume racks, etc. There may be separate rehearsal fees for acrobat and tap competition dances if rehearsals are consistently taking place outside of the “level” classes. This will be discussed separately with families in those classes ahead of time. We usually also try to have a dress rehearsal before the first competition at Nashoba High School. Because we have to rent the space, each student would be charged around $4-5 per dance they are in at the practice.

  7. Competition/Costume Fee Payment Schedule:

  8. Competition Fees will be posted and due in the following manner this year:

  9. Tap/Acro Rehearsal Fees: Due 11/10/21

  10. Costume Fees: We will post these throughout December and January and send class emails as we post them. They will be due along with December or January tuition.

  11. 1st Competition Fees: Due 2/10/22

  12. 2nd Competition Fees: Due 3/10/22

  13. 3rd Competition Fees: Due 4/10/22

Please plan accordingly for payments! We will be doing another team fundraiser this fall to help ease the burden of entry fees. Students will not be able to participate in competitions if their costume fees or competition fees are outstanding.

  1. Please read all the information we send out and respect our personal time!

  2. There will be a lot of information sent out throughout the year. Please make sure you read everything that gets emailed, posted or handed out (I understand it’s a lot of info). We will update the competition team page on our website with important emails and info as they get sent out so you have a central hub of information. Everyone will be receiving personal cell phone numbers of instructors for the purposes of communication at competition. Texting should only be used for last minute confirmations, or at competitions and not to answer questions such as “what time does ballet start tonight.” Just like all of you, we try to separate work from personal time- any standard questions or concerns should be directed to us via email. Please utilize the NVM competition FB page to ask each other questions too!

By signing below you admit to the following: I have read and understand the 2021/2022 NVM Competition Team Agreement and how it pertains to my competition student.

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